Nothing can beat education as a means of getting from an ignorant new trader to a profitable professional in Forex trading. Our approach to educating traders is to provide a starting point for beginners, a list of advanced topics for intermediate traders, and clues for further research for experienced FX scholars. Education never stops — even the best traders must constantly learn something new to be up-to-date with the latest market developments.

What is Forex? — Start here!

Forex Course — A comprehensive course in Forex trading to learn everything you need to know about currency trading. It is completely free.

Forex for Dummies — New to Forex? Have a lot of questions? Proceed here.

Forex Glossary — All the lingo explained.

Forex Guides — A list of guides that explain one Forex related topic at a time. You can read a typical article in under 5 minutes.

Forex FAQ — Still have some questions? Get the answers here.

More about payment systems

WebMoney — a multi-currency e-wallet system launched in 1998.

PayPal — a global payment system established in 2000.

Skrill — a less known competitor to PayPal that was founded in 2001.

Neteller — an e-money service that came to Forex from online betting niche.


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